Sporadic fireball 2018 Nov 17/18

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    James Lancashire

    I was away over Leonid maximum but left my DSLR set up using auto timer.
    There was a very bright event at 04h09m low in the E. Anyone else image it?
    Re-scaled image below.
    (I would sent to John Mason but never had a reply over many years, including from reports/discs handed personally to him at meetings.)

    Bill Ward

    From inside, a nice catch, qudos for leaving a camera running!

    What software do you use to control the camera? I used to use Nikon cameras but have gone wholesale with Canons for astronomy. Is it suitable for Canon’s?



    James Lancashire

    I use a JJC timer unit (intervalometer). I think there is a connection available for Canon.

    I have two DSLRs set up on 30sec exposures timed so the second camera activates while the first is writing to memory card. This gives me continuous coverage for one direction.

    Hadn’t realised the curtains would be caught in the background so I’ll rig up some dark backcloth for the Geminids.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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