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    Posted by David L Smith at 21:59 on 2010 Jun 29

    I’m not sure where to post this as it is not really related to observing but it is about a telescope!Last weekend my Coronado PST on a Vixen GP mount was stolen along with other items from my locked garage on Anglesey, North Wales.If anyone in this area sees an advert or is offered a PST at a silly price I would like to know, I do have it’s serial number. I do not think the thieves have any idea what it is, so am keeping a look out on ebay and in Loot.Any news would be most welcomeRegardsDavidMy direct E-mail address is


    Posted by Dale Holt at 12:55 on 2010 Jul 01

    Very sorry to hear about this David might I suggest that you place an ‘ad’ on UK Astronomy Buy & Sell this is the UK’s most popular site for trading astro kit. I will certainly keep me eye peeled for you.Good luck with a happy return, Dale


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 17:42 on 2010 Jul 01

    I would also keep an eye open for any up and coming car boot sales. I think they have one at Llangefni but I can’t be sure. I would also visit Gwynedd AS in Bangor or e-mail the secretary, and let there members know what you’ve lost.I am sorry to read this. My mother & father have a static van at St David’s, Red Wharf bay. I have been over there on numerous occasions and when the skies are clear, it is very dark.Good luck, and I hope that you’re soon able to recover these lost possessions.


    Posted by David L Smith at 21:22 on 2010 Jul 07

    Thanks for the information Dale, I’ll give it a try.Paul: Re car boot sales near here, there is a big one every Sunday on Mona show site. We went last sunday, but as the forecast was not good there were not many there and anyway the Police thought it would be 2/3 weeks before anything turns up, so we are still hunting. I’ll certainly contact Gwynedd.The skies are still dark here!!Thanks for suggestions

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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