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    Gary Poyner

    For the benefit of non VS observers who might want to help out with this star, I copy below a posting I made earlier today to BAAVSS alert.  If your interested and need more information, please contact me directly.


    “The RCB star SV Sge is currently undergoing it’s first fade since 2003, and recent visual observations by John Toone and Gary Poyner reveal that the magnitude has now reached 14.9 visual (to Nov 01).  It’s at this brightness that accurate visual estimates of SV Sge become quite difficult (but not impossible) because of the closeness of a 148 field star ~2 arc minutes to the south of the variable.  Recent poor seeing in UK skies have made these observations difficult to make at this brightness level, and a lower level of accuracy than that desired is to be expected.

    It is with this in mind that we request CCD observers to monitor the fade for as long as possible and to report to either the BAA, AAVSO or both nightly.  Currently there are very few filtered or unfiltered CCD data present in the BAAVSS database, and the last V data point showing in the AAVSO light curve is dated Oct 5 at 11.35V.  
    Both John and I encourage CCD observers to add SV Sge to their program as soon as possible.
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