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    Hi all,

    Sydney City Skywatchers, who were for a long time the New South Wales branch of the BAA, are very keen to foster links with their old association. I had the pleasure of giving a Zoom lecture to them recently, and they would like to advertise meetings of their society.

    Next up, on Monday 4th April, is “The First Astronomers” by Professor Duane Hamacher of Melbourne University. The talk coincides with the publication of a book with the same name

    Professor Hamacher, who is American, has a master’s degree in observational astronomy but now concentrates on the history of astronomy, with a particular speciality in Aboriginal astronomy. I have read some of his papers. He was an astronomy guide at Sydney Observatory.
    My predecessor Mary Evershed, first director of the Historical Section, lived (like me) in the Sydney area for some time, and had similar interests in the first nation history. Her first presentation to the association, in 1898, was on “Aboriginal Star Lore”.

    The lecture is at 7PM Sydney time, which I think corresponds to 9 AM BST.

    To apply for Zoom contact details, email and tell them you are a BAA member.

    Mike Frost

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