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    Hello, now I have built an Observatory permanently housing a telescope, my insurance company will not continue to Insure House & Contents (incl. the Telescope). Does anyone know of companies that specialise in Telescope/ Observatory Insurance?

    Potentially then I could set that up separately and retain the incumbent insurer who I’d prefer to keep if at all possible.

    Surely, this must be a common problem for many BAA Members?!

    Thanking All, Paul

    Eric Watkins

    Paul,  I use Glover and Howe of Colchester, Essex.  they insure both professional and amatuer photographers and amateur astronomers.

    When I was shopping around I found that when the value of equipment was known and that it would be stored either inside the house or outside in a purpose built building the insurers would not include it on the normal household contents.  I have heard that some people do, but I couldn’t get my C14 edge, and Paramount MEII and CCD plus. Hence I used Glover and Howe.

    Hope this helps


    Eric, thank you – I  will contact them 1st…!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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