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    Posted by Nick Atkinson at 20:11 on 2011 Aug 29

    Has anyone any experiance using SX Loadstar and an off axis guider?


    Posted by Andrea Tasselli at 11:54 on 2011 Aug 30

    Not directly but people that I know of use the combo quite effectively in conjunction with SX-AO.Reg’sAndrea T.


    Posted by Dave Adshead at 16:54 on 2011 Aug 30

    Yes, I’ve been using a Lodestar with the OAG in my QSI 583 wsg CCD camera. Previously, I used a separate guide scope side by side on a Skywatcher EQ6 Pro. Moving to the OAG allowed me to remove 8 Kg of counterweight, the EQ6 Pro gave a sigh of relief.I can recommend an OAG, I’ve been using it now for about 16 months. I’ve not had any problems yet finding a star to guide by.RegardsDave

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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