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    Alex Pratt

    The IMO has put together a nice webpage giving details of this potentially strong shower of debris from comet 209P/LINEAR on the morning of May 24.

    Some observers have recorded fireballs that they suggest could be precusors of this event and radio astronomers are detecting increased activity.

    The shower maximum is predicted for 07 – 08 UT on Saturday morning, daylight in the UK, but some of us will run north-facing video cameras through the morning hours in case there are any very bright fireballs.

    Unfortunately, the weather forecast for most of the UK isn’t favourable.

    Clear skies,


    Nick James


    There’s a good summary of the prospects for this shower by Rob McNaught here. This is an updated version of the presentation given at the recent The Astronomer meeting. David Asher also has a very good summary on his page here.

    There are some images of the parent comet (a real pygmy) in the BAA comet archive here.


    Alex Pratt

    Hi Nick,

    Yes, I read Rob’s summary that was posted on the TA website.

    It will be interesting to see if any CAMs are observed worldwide by visual, DSLR, video or radio techniques, and if the comet produced a trickle or a storm of meteors.



    Jeremy Shears

    There’s a short report of NEMETODE efforts to capture the CAMs by video camera here:

    William Stewart and I had a clear spell for a couple of hours after 00h UT on the 24th, but not much doing.

    Go well!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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