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    Posted by David Arditti at 15:16 on 2011 Mar 24

    Last night, March 23/24, I managed to see the North Tropical storm or white spot on Saturn visually for the first time, having imaged it on several previous occasions. It was on the disk from around 1:30am, with the planet just past the meridian. Seeing was very good for the altitude. Having spotted the storm on the computer screen during image capture, visible using all filters, I looked using the C-14 using binoviewers at 350x, and the storm was very clear. I was also able to see it at 175x through binoviewers and at 120x with a single eyepiece. I looked also using the binoviewers at 130x through a 100mm ED refractor, and I thought I could just suspect it through that as well, though, I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to see it through the refractor if I hadn’t already known here to look. Based on this, I reckon it would be clearly visible in any aperture from 6" upwards.I have made a rotation movie of the storm as it was on March 08, visible on this page: Saturn 2011 apparitionDavid

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