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    Posted by R J Andersson at 18:33 on 2012 Sep 22

    Hi folks,More there than I thought there was…

  • TEC 140 + FLI ML16803. Astrodon Tru-Image filters. 5 x 1000 second blue plus 5 x 200 second in each of blue, green and red. Processing via PI and PS.Bob.


Posted by Jeremy at 14:23 on 2012 Sep 23

That’s another cracking image, Bob. An amazing amount of fine detail. Well done!Jeremy


Posted by Nick James at 23:25 on 2012 Sep 23

Indeed. I’ll second Jeremy’s comments. Fantastic stuff.


Posted by Andrea Tasselli at 08:04 on 2012 Sep 24

Very well done indeed! I find it with far too much blue in it, to the point of being essentially monochrome. Colours other than blue seem also too saturated.Andrea T.


Posted by R J Andersson at 10:11 on 2012 Oct 21

I’ve made the best use I can of my 200 second red subs to enhance the area near Merope. Further improvements will have to wait on new data.Bob.


Posted by R J Andersson at 10:13 on 2012 Oct 21

Oops – double post!Bob.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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