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    Posted by Kim Burton at 11:09 on 2010 Apr 25

    I’ve just been enjoying the video of the shape of the earth presentation. Owning a property by the coast, I was intrigued by the Satellite measurements of the variations of the height of the sea and although the sound wasn’t too clear at that point it sounded like the presenter said that the height varied by 70m between the lows between north and south America and the UK. Does anybody know where the data for the map came from as I would like to read a bit more about it.Thanks to everybody involved for uploading more excellent videos.Kim


    Posted by Nick James at 19:55 on 2010 Apr 30

    Kim,I think the measurements Paul was talking about were from Topex. There’s a Wiki article here which goes into some detail.Sorry about the poor sound on some oft he last videos. We had many technical problems that day!Nick.


    Posted by Kim Burton at 20:47 on 2010 Apr 30

    Thanks Nick.Kim

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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