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    Tony Rodda

    Hi All,

    Some of you may have noticed that Christian Buil has released a new 3D printed spectrograph.

    It’s a superb instrument to start with and is quite simple to print.

    A very clever design.  I love the modular assembly and the way the tubes/lenses and barrels self-align.

    It works excellently, even with cheaper lenses and is incredibly easy to set up.

    My own modifications attached.  (PS the Atik isn’t meant to be connected! it rolled just before the shot!).

    I’ve adapted a different guide unit to allow the use of an Ovio slit wheel.
    I’ve made a number of additional camera tubes to fit my cameras and added a ‘top’ to the grating holder.
    This allows the holder to fully engage in the Capeau-Superieur recess and makes the holder and wheel more rigid.  See the attached diagram.
    As you can see I’ve also changed the grating wheel by adding teeth so that it can be automated.  I have attached a stepper (with gear) and i can turn the grating using the gears – by hand.

    This part is fully working yet because I am working on the Arduino code.  I’m not very proficient yet.  Soon.


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