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    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 22:07 on 2013 Jan 12

    If you have a gap in the clouds during the next few days, have look at the Sun (properly filtered telescope of course, or project the solar image onto white card). There is a large sunspot group on the disk AR1654 which is pretty impressive in white light. Peter Paice’s image in Calcium K-line shows the group in the NE quadrant in dramatic style. The group is firing off flares and could release a powerful X-ray flare in the next few days so observations are requested by the Solar Section.


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 13:10 on 2013 Jan 14

    Pete Lawrence has posted these 2 amazing images of the Sun on 13th January 2013 showing AR1654 in all its glory


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 17:39 on 2013 Jan 14

    Yes they are. Especially with the Sun at such a low elevation. Peter has done a wonderful job.It is nice seeing Sol, active once again.


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 09:41 on 2013 Feb 11

    Here’s a few more images from Solar Section observers during FebruaryImages by Brian Woonam, Mick Nicholls, Peter Paice and Dave Tyler.


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 15:12 on 2013 Mar 19

    This stunning image has been taken by Paulo Casquinha showing the Sun in H-alpha 20130314 at 1125 UT

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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