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    Hello everyone, I’m new to the BAA and after doing some family tree research found my familial link to the association, I knew about about Edward Walter Maunder and his wife’s connection to the association but didn’t know his brother, my 3rd great grand father, was also connected.

    I’m keen to learn more about what my ancestors did alongside the association having read the obituaries of the three of them it has made me keen to found out just what their equipment would have been at the time and what they are like as people.

    I enjoy astronomy and have a keen amateur interest in the changes of climate and how our sun could be telling us about it.

    If anyone knows anything about the three of them, I would love to read as much I can to piece things together.

    Bill Barton

    Thomas Frid Maunder was Assistant Secretary of our Association from its foundation in October 1890 until he retired age 87 on 30 September 1928 (JBAA 38, 9 (September 1928), p.282).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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