Three lenses made by the late Brian Knight

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    David Arditti


    Three catadioptric wide-angle camera lenses made by Brian Knight, to an optical design by Arthur Wilkinson, circa 1980.

    The smallest is 115mm entrance aperture and 324mm focal length.

    The middle one is 125mm entrance aperture and 454mm focal length.

    The largest is 220mm entrance aperture and 940mm focal length.

    They have Nikon F camera fittings.

    They have been tested by Es Reid, who remarks that they are very well engineered, but deficient in optical performance, as the original design, done in the pre-computer era, could not account well enough for off-axis aberrations. In addition the optical window on the largest lens has ripples that compromise the image.

    They are curiosities, but may be a basis for re-engineering to try to archive the original aims. The mechanics are very good.

    Offers are invited for them individually or collectively. The are currently located in Cambridgeshire.

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