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    Posted by A R Pratt at 11:56 on 2012 May 15

    Congratulations on the excellent Transit 2012 webpage.I hope that the seemingly non-stop run of bad weather – responsible for the current ‘drought’ – will move away by June 6th.Observers of the transit have to contend with a low-altitude Sun, no more than 10 degrees, which might not be bright enough to be viewed with the approved filters and solar telescopes. The method of projection might fare better.In these circumstances, please supervise the unwary, who could be tempted to look without adequate protection.Clear skies to all, Alex.


    Posted by Callum Potter at 15:23 on 2012 May 15

    Hello Alex,thanks for note.It is a very good point that with the low Sun, and perhaps some cloud on the horizon there might be a temptation to view the Sun through the cloud with an unfiltered telescope. But this would be a very risky thing to do – even a fraction of second break in the cloud could let enough IR through to permanently damage your eyesight.I think I will expand on this on the Observing section of the page.Best, Callum


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 06:45 on 2012 Jun 05

    I noticed that tonight’s Horizon, is dedicated to the transit.If anybody has the Radio Times. Have you seen the blunder they have made.There’s a nice picture off three ladies staring up at the SUN, with what looks like, Sun glasses! But I suspect these are eclipse glasses.What I find worrying. Is the message it gives to none astronomy types who will assume, it’s OK to look at the Sun and Venus through Sun Glasses.


    Posted by A R Pratt at 15:34 on 2012 Jun 06

    I watched the NASA web broadcasts for an hour up to about 00:30 BST last night, then got up to see the last 2 hours of the transit broadcasts.Some interesting reports from Hawaii, Alaska, Mount Wilson,Norway, Australia, including a showing of the broadcasts in Much Hoole church (Jeremiah Horrocks) and Owen Gingerich using an Alvan Clark refractor on Mount Wilson. I saved a few screenshots.Mist and cloud here this morning, so no chance to see my 2nd transit of Venus, although there is a transit of Mercury on 2016 May 9, visible from the UK. Alex.


    Posted by David Mottershead at 16:21 on 2012 Jun 06

    Sadly, here in Manchester, (and at other sites around my area) it was totally clouded out, so I was unable to see the transit. Ah well, better make a note in my calendar for the next one ?[/size]


    Posted by Gary Poyner at 15:49 on 2012 Jun 08

    Birmingham was pretty much the same as other places. Heavy cloud which broke up and gave good views of the Sun – two minutes after the end of the event! I did see it whilst standing on my windy hill however – on my phone from a live feed from Kyoto University :-)Gary

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