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    Jeremy Shears

    The recurrent nova U Sco is reported to be in eruption at mag 11.4 on June 6.720 (M. Moriyama, Nagasaki, Japan via baavss alert).

    Confirmation is urgently requested.

    If so, it might be on the rise. Max is usually around mag 8. Eruptions are very brief (a few days)

    Its last eruption was 2010.

    Jeremy Shears

    Maehara-san (Okayama, Japan ) reports U Sco at mag 9.2 on
    Jun 6.773

    Jeremy Shears
    Jeremy Shears

    Multiple confirmations of the eruption have appeared overnight. Appears to be around maximum (8th mag).

    In the 2010 eruption, it faded one mag in a day and 6 mags in 4 days. Let’s hope we get a break in UK skies (I’ve not seen any UK obs yet)

    Daryl Dobbs

    I was going to attempt an observation last night, cloud got in the way, might be a bit ambitious from where I live in South Wales as it has a good chance of being obscured by trees and buildings

    Robin Leadbeater

    There is an early spectrum from the 2SPOT team from their robotic ALPY 600 setup in Chile
    which seems to be evolving fast compared with the description of one taken less than 12 hours later referenced in Atel 15420

    Graeme Coates

    Managed to capture from Spain (EEYE) this evening (80mm f5, STF8300M):

    07/06/2022 22:14:12UT TG 9.126 (0.024)
    07/06/2022 22:14:59UT TG 9.158 (0.015)
    07/06/2022 22:15:30UT TG 9.129 (0.016)

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    Graeme Coates

    Here’s a single 60s exposure with Green filter – U Sco is marked centre of frame. North is left.

    Star A is HD 147473 (Mag 6.87V)
    Star B is HD 146592 (Mag 7.06V)

    Gary Poyner

    Not a chance from North Brum (even if clear), but SLOOH C2 captured an image on June 8…

    June 8.052 9.461CV (0.002)
    June 8.053 9.468TG (0.008)

    So it’s already nearly two mags fainter than it’s peak on June 7 (AAVSO light curve).


    Jeremy Shears

    A paper by Brad Schaefer submitted to MNRAS appears on ArXiv today: https://arxiv.org/abs/2206.14231#
    It describes a missed eruption of U Sco in 2016

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