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    Posted by Peter Taylor at 23:10 on 2012 Apr 29

    Hi All, I am trying to find out where I can bye or download a copy of UCAC 3 OR 4, to us in Astrometrica, all help will be very much appreciated.peter


    Posted by Graham Relf at 07:38 on 2012 Apr 30

    Using Google I found, as I expected, that it is available from le Centre des Donnees at Strasbourg. See http://cdsarc.u-strasbg.fr/viz-bin/Cat?cat=I%2F315& The huge number of files (over 2Gbytes total) can be downloaded via the FTP tab on that page. However Googling also led to something which suggests that Astrometrica simply gets small amounts of data as required by HTTP requests to Vizier (also part of the Strasbourg site) so it should not be necessary to download the full data set.


    Posted by Callum Potter at 10:00 on 2012 Apr 30

    I downloaded UCAC3 from http://atlante.teobaldopower.org/catalogos/ But I use it only with XEphem, so can’t comment on its use with Astrometrica. I think it is the full catalogue, though.Callum


    Posted by Graham Relf at 11:21 on 2012 Apr 30

    This has prompted me to update the catalogues page on the Computing Section site, to give more links to useful current sources.


    Posted by Nick James at 20:05 on 2012 Apr 30

    Peter,Is there any reason why you want to download the complete UCAC-3 catalogue? As Graham says Astrometrica will download the stars that it needs from VizieR when you reduce an image. This is a lot more efficient that downloading the whole catalogue although it does mean that you need to be online when you are reducing images. Just select VizieR on the settings->Catalogs tab and select an appropriate VizieR server on the Internet tab (I use CDS, Strasbourg).Nick.


    Posted by Peter Taylor at 14:29 on 2012 May 01

    Hi All, Thanks for all your info, did as Nick suggested works just fine.peter

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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