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    John Berman


    I’m currently leading on Science Objectives for the UK Beacon project and need your help.

    If you are not aware of the project the attached flyer gives some background

    The following lists potential scientific objectives for the UK Beacon. (these are Short-, Medium- and Long-Term Objectives)

    Accurate meteor counts to assist in identifying new meteor streams and detecting outbursts in current ones.(Show meteor rates of showers over subsequent years, Show meteor peaks of known showers hour by hour etc)
    Cross correlation of radio traces with BRAMs and Graves beacons. Comparing time, frequency, intensity, doppler shift, duration
    Cross correlation of radio traces with UKMON video camera observations
    Compute trajectories of meteoroids using data from multiple receiving stations determination of meteor stream orbits and potentially narrowing down the landing locations for meteorites
    Study the impact of high-altitude winds on the plasma trails
    D and E layer studies of the ionosphere
    HF/VHF emissions from meteors
    Studies of head echoes
    Fresnel diffraction patterns in trail, under and overdense events, matching radio to video events,
    Estimation of the mass index of a meteor shower
    Calculate meteor fluxes
    Insights into meteoroid fragmentation processes

    Each objective needs to be realistic and achievable and if possible, backed up by calculations and/or estimates to demonstrate feasibility of the objective and what data will be required
    This exercise feeds into the receiver side of the project so we do need to start looking at them.

    If anyone is interested in collaboration and or leading on a particular objective please do get in touch, if you have any suggestions for more objectives please let me know

    Kind Regards
    John Berman

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