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    Roger Dymock

    Is it time for a BAA Exoplanet Section ?

    (Version 4 – 2018 July 21)


    Following discussions with Richard Miles and Roger Pickard at, and subsequent to, the Warwick meeting it is proposed that;

    1)                  Exoplanets be incorporated within the ARPS

    2)                  Roger Dymock to serve as the Exoplanet coordinator

    3)                  Exoplanets to be listed on the right-hand side of the BAA homepage

    4)                  If enough support is attracted the name of the asteroid section will be changed to Asteroids and Extrasolar Planets Section (AEPS) by mid-2019


    As part of the ARPS the focus can be on developing exoplanet activities without getting bogged down in the bureaucracy of setting up a completely new section

     It is important to have Exoplanets visible on the BAA web site home page as it shows to the membership and outside bodies that we are serious about the subject and it will make access easier

     Why ARPS rather than the VSS?

    – Richard Miles feels the ARPS needs revitalising and a new direction would help

    – ARPS skills are similar to the VSS so existing members could contribute with little difficulty

    – the VSS is a large section with a lot on its plate and exoplanets might not get the attention it needs

    – if part of the VSS we might be pressurised to follow the AAVSO direction on exoplanets which we

      might or might not want to do

     Roger Dymock

    Additional note; ‘One small step…’ The feedback I have received so far indicates that this proposal will be accepted by Council

    David Swan

    This all sounds very sensible. You can count me as a supporter of this plan. David

    Dr Paul Leyland

    I also give my whole-hearted support for this proposal.  After all, exoplanets are about as remote planets as we’re likely to study!

    In a somewhat related matter, I discovered what I thought might have been a transiting exoplanet recently.  In the end it transpired to be an EA variable with minima of 0.025 pm 0.005 and 0.010 pm 0.002 magnitudes.  Also known as TYC 444-2670-1. Close, but no cigar, yet demonstrates that discoveries are well within the amateurs grasp.

    Gary Poyner

    The VSS wouldn’t pressurise anyone to do anything, AAVSO or other, so no problem there.  I do think though that ARPS is the best place for Exoplanets to reside.

    Good luck with your proposal.


    Eric Watkins

    It seems the sensible way to go.  Efforts, enthusiasm and time  are better spent on getting a programme and hence data acquisition  up and running asap.


    Roger Dymock

    Council approved this latest proposal on 5th September. We have a lot to catch up on so please don’t expect too much too soon. Suggestions and offers of help most welcome. Thanks for your support with this endeavor.

    Richard Miles

    Exoplanets are the new Holy Grail for the professional community, so the BAA has now taken the subject on board. In 2017 ARPS had two meetings on Exoplanets in conjunction with the VSS. 2019 should see a lot of new stuff – Expect an ARPS meeting that year. And in 2020, Exoplanets will be the subject of attention at the Saturday afternoon session of the Winchester Weekend meet.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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