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    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 19:14 on 2013 May 23

    It was fortunate the skies here in East Cheshire, were clear during the first half of yesterday evening. It was early evening and I located Venus shortly after Sunset 21:15hrs.I found Venus using my large 15×70 observation binoculars, but it wasn’t very clear at all. I suspect the planet was in bad air and the altitude didn’t help. Mercury and then Jupiter were finally located. And shortly after this observation. Venus was easily visible without optical aid.I changed from visual to digital. And took various exposures through my Canon 1000D and 35-80mm Canon Zoom lens.Here is the result.


    Posted by Steve Holmes2 at 23:17 on 2013 Jun 01

    Here’s a couple of images I took around the date of closest approach, plus one a bit later. The first two have Jupiter to the left, Venus to the right and Mercury on top. The first is on 26th May, the second is on 27th May – showing how fast Mercury and Venus move. The third one is on 31st May, with all three in a straight line (Mercury-Venus-Jupiter). In case you can’t find it, Jupiter is hiding in the very lowest patch of pink sky! (you’ll probably have to click on the image to see it)All images are to the same scale and were taken from precisely the same location, by the way.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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