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    Posted by Robin Flegg at 12:22 on 2011 Apr 09

    I am trying to get hold of two Sky At Night Magazine CD-ROMs which featured the following editions of the programme:Mars And The Ring Of Fire (08-11-2005)Turkish Delight (03-04-2006)I think the Magazine’s CD Rom’s contain the episode about 2 months after it was shown – so perhaps the January 2006 and June 2006 issues are the ones I require. I’d be more than happy with just a copy of each video file.If anyone has these and can help me I would be very grateful, and willing to pay a good price for your help.Robin


    Posted by Nick James at 18:11 on 2011 Apr 12

    Robin,I have off-air BBC 4 recordings of those two episodes and could put them on a DVD for you if you want.


    Posted by Robin Flegg at 08:52 on 2011 Apr 22

    Thanks Nick for the offer. I do have DVD recordings myself, but I was after the .flv files for my iPod etc…Still looking…!


    Posted by Trevor Adams at 19:18 on 2011 May 01

    Hi RobinI have every cd produced of the sky at night mags would be more than happy to helplet me know what and where to send .(no cost)Trevor


    Posted by Robin Flegg at 08:33 on 2011 May 07

    Trevor,I can’t find a method to contact you directly on this forum; so I hope you read this message.Please can you contact me on rfhome[at]hotmail.co.uk ?I would be eternally grateful if you would!I only get to use a PC at weekends, so my reply might not be very swift.Kind Regards…Robin


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 13:54 on 2011 May 16

    RobinIf you still require these original CD Roms, I have them. They contain the programmes broadcast on 6th November 2005 and 2nd April 2006.I can send them to you free of charge. E-mail me via the BAA website solar section page with your full name and postal address and I’ll get them in the post to you.Lynsolar[at]britastro.org

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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