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    Posted by Callum Potter at 17:02 on 2009 Dec 31

    Welcome to the new Forum. Unfortunately with the upgrade of the server, and the upgrade to the website software, the old forum would work no more, and I have not been able to migrate the old postings.So, sorry about that, but I am sure there were not too many really important threads there.Hope you enjoy the new forum, and the new site look. Feedback would be appreciated.Clear Skies,Callum


    Posted by Nick James at 21:47 on 2010 Jan 05

    Callum,Looks very slick although the default colour scheme is a bit too bright for my taste!Nick.


    Posted by Callum Potter at 11:47 on 2010 Jan 08

    Well, i thought we were the brightest astronomical society… oh wait a minute, thats the other lot… :-)Callum


    Posted by Graham Relf at 18:22 on 2010 Jan 27

    Very strange. It seems the new site has been around for several weeks but it only appeared to me for the first time today (27th Jan). I have been looking daily and saw no changes.


    Posted by Len Entwisle at 19:07 on 2010 Jan 27

    I like the new format. Some initial problems with Google Chrome but these have been very quickly sorted with/by Callum.I am now on the latest Chrome version and look to have full functionality on the forum.Best wishes , Len E


    Posted by Callum Potter at 21:59 on 2010 Jan 27

    Graham, yes, the new site has been ‘live’ for a few weeks, but only advertised to council members for review and comment, and changes. Today i replaced the old site with the new one.Regards,Callum


    Posted by Stuart Williams at 11:46 on 2010 Jan 31

    Callum,An excellent job with the new website and forum, as I would expect!Just in time for my re-joining the BAA after a few years’ absence :O)Cheers,Stuart


    Posted by Andrea Tasselli at 21:02 on 2010 Feb 03

    I like the look of the new web site and of the new forum too!BTW, that is a recent saturn image I manage to grab through the clouds. Hopefully I’ll be able to post something more worthwhile one day (e.g. when it’ll stop snowing!).Andrea T.


    Posted by Callum Potter at 11:13 on 2010 Feb 05

    Hi Andrea,sorry, image attachments were not working properly – files were not being uploaded. If you would like to post your saturn image again, it should come through now.Regards, Callum


    Posted by Kim Burton at 19:14 on 2010 Feb 08

    I’ve only now found the new website, certainly is different to the old one. Not sure if the changes are for the best though. I’ve found that I can’t navigate the new site with either my Netgem iPlayer (web enabled TV digi box) or Apple iPod touch. Both devices are unable to use the pull down menus. The iPlayer shows all the links in the wrong place as blank hotspots and the iPod doesn’t have a mouse over message to pull the menus down. Also the page seems a little wide for smaller screens.


    Posted by Andrea Tasselli at 21:57 on 2010 Feb 08

    Thanks Callum.Let’s see if it works this time round. A new Saturn image but not a lot better than the other one. Challenging object to image though and the seeing was kind awful at that time. Let’s hope I’ll get lucky one day…Andrea T.


    Posted by David Arditti at 14:10 on 2010 Feb 22

    The new site is enormously better than the old one, so fantastic work, Callum. I have not found anything that does not now work on Safari.I would suggest that maybe the forum should be divided into sections corresponding to the Sections of the BAA. OK, a lot of these would probably be empty for some time, but hopefully they would "catch on" in time with Section Directors and others advertising them and we would get a big forum which could become the main place for interchange of ideas by BAA members.


    Posted by John Cave at 18:49 on 2010 Mar 07

    Great new forum Callum,The new site and forum are slick and up to date. I am sure it will be a big success.John Cave

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