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    Pauline Phillips

    As this prestigious event approaches yet again, thought would post my pics of 2016 event, with shots of members away at the eclipse and some lost to us forever. Just click on tbe link

    Richard Miles

    Thanks Pauline for making these pictures of the 2016 50th WW available.
    I attended that particular extravaganza on that occasion.
    Downloaded a few choice photos: one of Bob Mizon, Alan and John Mason wearing what??, group photo, that one of you, telescope and George Sallit, etc.
    Yep – a few memories indeed!

    Ms Janice McClean

    Great Pics Pauline and well done for taking the time to dig these out. It would be fun if we could have a place on the website for each Winchester group photo thru the years, but I do not have the access to go about it. I wonder could we create it as an entity on the Forum and allow people to post to it? Anyone know?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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