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    Daryl Dobbs

    Has any had experience of connecting a ZWO camera to a 10 inch Skywatcher Newtonian reflector?

    The reflector has according tot he plate on the side a focal length of 1200mm.

    I’ve got a ZWO ASI290MC connected to a ASIAIR V1, I view this through an iPad.

    Problem I can’t seem to get any focus, the weather hasn’t helped.

    From measurements the mirror to flat is 925mm

    Flat to outer edge of focuser 210mm

    Equals 1130

    So it would appear I’m 70mm short?

    Focuser has 50mm travel

    I also use occasionally a OWO filter wheel which is 20mm thick

    So at maximum focuser travel and the filter wheel in place it should be just about possible to focus, but it doesn’t. Errors in measurement coupled with the mirror might not be exactly 120mm F/L would indicate I need a spacer. Question is has anyone used a ZWO camera direct to a Skywatcher 10 inch Newtonian, if so how long would it be?

    I’m primarily a visual observer so a spacer would be ideal. The ZWO help forum suggested move the mirror up the tube!!! 

    Daryl Dobbs

    Got there in the end, need a shorter extension tube to the one supplied with my telescope 

    David Swan

    Getting the spacing right can indeed be a faff. I’m sorted also with my RASA 8: a 7.5 mm spacer has given me nice circular donuts all the way to the corners of my largest sensor. My calculations suggested 12.5 mm would be required to get me there, but no – trying and testing got me to the solution. Phew!

    Daryl Dobbs

    I agree it certainly is a faff, took longer than I expected, now to the next step. I’m using a ASAIR V1 which I had the wifi drop out, two resets to get it back. Stood next to the scope when it happened. Tried iPhone and iPad and the app said password not recognise. since you can’t amend it the only thing is reset and hope

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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