BAA Journal – Volume 125 Number 3 – June 2015

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  • Refereed Papers

  • 142Thomas G. E. Elger – a Victorian populariser of selenography Nigel Longshaw
  • 154seldom reported lighting phenomenon in the Cichus–Weiss region of the Moon - Nigel Longshaw
  • 158Early research on the effects of solar eclipses on radio propagation Paul J. Whiting
  • 162Changes in the spectrum of Z Ursae Majoris during its rise through a maximum in 2014 June - David Boyd
  • 164In the footsteps of Ebenezer Porter Mason and his nebulae Jeremy Shears et al.
  • Review

  • 1844. Sky notes for 2015 June & July - Brian Mills
  • Etc.

  • 153New members
  • 176Membership information
  • 186Meetings diary & small advertisements
  • 187Officers and Council
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