BAA Journal – Volume 127 Number 4 – August 2017

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  • Refereed Papers

  • 203Observing Uranus and its satellites, 2006–2016 John Sussenbach
  • 207Thomas Hughes Buffham – Uranus pioneer - Kevin Bailey
  • 209The elongations of Mercury 2007–2016, and the 2016 solar transit - Richard McKim
  • 217Video meteor spectroscopic and orbit determination observations, 2015 April to 2016 April - Bill Ward
  • 223Noctilucent cloud over Britain and Western Europe, 2015–2016 Ken Kennedy
  • 228Determining the magnitudes & spectral types of the components of the binary Mira star X Ophiuchi David Boyd
  • Etc.

  • 222Membership information
  • 237from Do we have your latest e-mail address? - Bill Tarver
  • 242New Members
  • 244Sky notes for 2017 August & September - Brian Mills
  • 246Meetings diary & small advertisements
  • 247Board of Trustees and Council
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