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George Alcock Exhibtion at Peterborough Library

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Denis Buczynski's picture
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Joined: 05/03/2014 - 13:04
George Alcock Exhibtion at Peterborough Library

Just  a quick note to let members know that there is to be an exhibtion about George Alcock ( mainly aimed at children) at Peterborough Library on August 4. It is good to know that the community remembers George and is honouring him in this and other ways. That he is viewed as an inspiration for children is marvellous in this day and age.Well done Peterborough!

Details are here:

A R Pratt's picture
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Joined: 04/03/2014 - 14:01
George Alcock Exhibition at Peterborough Library

That's a great idea for an exhibition, Denis. Let's hope comet 21P puts on a good show in late August / September for young (and old) astronomers alike. If it brightens sufficiently they might not need a special yellow telescope to see it.

Clear skies,