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Spectroscopy in "Astronomy Now"

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Spectroscopy in "Astronomy Now"

Just been reading Hugh Allen's excellent article  "Cracking Starlight's Hidden Code"  in the October edition of Astronomy Now  which includes a potted  history of astronomical spectroscopy and outlines how amateurs can get involved and generate calibrated spectra.  Nice one Hugh and thanks for the name check :-)


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Re: Spectroscopy in "Astronomy Now"

Thanks Robin. I chatted to the editor Keith Cooper at this year's Astrofest and explained how I felt amateur spectroscopy was largely 'clouded out' in astronomy magazines. He took me up on writing an article which I based around the talks that I give. It's nice to help raise amateur spectroscopy's profile a little.



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Allen / AstroNow

Yes, I read your article and noted the author. Great job.