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Asteroids, etc. Workshop on September 25

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Asteroids, etc. Workshop on September 25

Posted by Richard Miles at 09:53 on 2010 Sep 03

Do come along to the BAA Observers' Workshop on September 25 next - it covers not just Asteroids but also the related subjects of Comets and Meteors. As well as it being a bit of a teach-in, it will also spark an exchange of ideas and experience from everyone attending, not just the 'official' speakers. We will also be putting forward some novel proposals for new observing campaigns.If you are planning on attending then do make sure you let the BAA Office know ( Tel. 0207-734-4145) in advance. In particular we would like to know your order of preference (if any) for the afternoon workshops, e.g. Asteroids, Meteors, Comets or some other order.Richard Miles, Director, ARPS