Observation by Aberdeen Astronomical Society: 4 Vesta occults HIP 14439

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Aberdeen Astronomical Society


Aberdeen Astronomical Society


2020 Feb 11 - 22:02


2020 Feb 12 - 16:10


4 Vesta

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 16h29m
Dec: -26°23'
Position angle: +1°05'

Field size

0°12' × 0°12'

  • SW Esprit 120 APO
  • SX Trius 694 CCD

0.5 sec


Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire

Target name

4 Vesta and HIP 14439


4 Vesta occults HIP 14439

About this image

 A montage of 5 frames from a 1000 frame video sequence showing the asteroid Vesta occult the bright star HIP 14439.

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Alex Pratt
Alex Pratt, 2020 Feb 12 - 16:33 UTC

Congratulations on recording this rare event under very difficult weather conditions. If you've not done so, please submit a report to Tim Haymes.

From my location (outside the predicted shadow zone) clouds raced in to ruin my view.

Clear skies,


Tim Haymes
Tim Haymes, 2020 Feb 12 - 18:21 UTC

I very nice image sequence of this rare event - i'm so pleased you managed to see/record the phenomenon.
Please send me a report, via Alex if you wish, and I will reply to you all.


Aberdeen Astronomical Society
Aberdeen Astronomical Society, 2020 Feb 12 - 22:35 UTC

No problem Tim.

Does a report have any particular format? Never done one before!


Tim Haymes
Tim Haymes, 2020 Feb 13 - 10:42 UTC

Hi Neal, Im hoping some notes can be prepared for the Journal. The Editor has requested info and I think Philip would like to get into contact with the observer(s).   From my point of view, i would be pleased to do a more formal  report on your behalf (in the desired format).  Ideally i would like to have the start and end time of the occultation event as best you can, and from the frame sequence I should be able to generate a light curve for you. I can explain further off-group if thats ok


Tim Haymes
Tim Haymes, 2020 Feb 18 - 16:03 UTC

Congratulations Neal, your observation is reported on EURASTER. http://www.euraster.net/results/2020/index.html#0211-4

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