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Tim Haymes

My interest is mainly the observation and timing of Lunar occultations which I stared as young member of the JAS (SPA) in the early '70s. Then in 1980 I started visual monitoring of asteroidal occultations using BAA predictions by Gordon E. Taylor,  but it was some while before my first successful video recording, that of (130) Elektra (10.7 seconds) in 2010.  A very exciting evening.   I have now recorded up more than 30 positive events. 

In the last few years i have also recorded some nice lunar grazing occultations with good timing accuracy.

I help coordinate occultation observing through the Asteroid and Remote Planets Section, and the Lunar Section. My local AS is now Chipping Norton.  I am also a member of the International Occultation Timing Association, European section. (IOTA/ES).

Local society membership: Maidenhead, Reading

2020 Nov 23

2020 Oct 24

2020 Oct 12

2020 Sep 22

2020 Sep 12

2020 Sep 6

2020 Jul 20

2020 Jul 11

2020 Jul 6

2020 Mar 28

2020 Mar 18

2019 Dec 31

2019 Dec 3

2019 Sep 13

2018 Sep 20

14:49 UTC

Pulsar Dome: I would like to make contact with a member who may have a  2.7m  full height dome - seeking advice and views on  usability.  I live near Reading, Berks

2018 Jul 17


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