Observation by Peter Tickner: Uranus and its five main moons

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Peter Tickner


Peter Tickner


2020 Dec 30 - 20:12


2021 Jan 01 - 02:39



  • ZWO ASI462MC
  • 2.5x PowerMate + ADC
  • 14inch f/10 LX200ACF SCT
  • EQ8 mount

Urban Berkshire

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Uranus and five moons


Uranus and its five main moons

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It has been a long held ambition of mine to get a clear shot of Miranda, the faintest of the five main moons of Uranus and one that is often lost in the glow of Uranus, as it doesn't stray far from the planet in its orbit.   For once conditions were good, Miranda about as far as it gets from Uranus and Uranus high in the sky.   Even so it has taken considerable post-processing of a series of four-second exposures in infrared to pick out Miranda separately from Uranus. I've superimposed an infrared image of Uranus over its glow to scale with the image of the moons.   Also in this image are three images of Uranus at different wavelengths.  The brighter southern pole (sideways on the right) is more apparent in the infrared images.  The images are North up from a UK perspective.

Luminance at 30fps, IR pass 642nm at 25fps and IR pass 742nm at 20fps.


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