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Observation by Simon Kidd: Mercury

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Simon Kidd


Simon Kidd


2021 Apr 06 - 07:54


2021 Apr 06 - 13:59



  • C14, ZWO ASI462MC, IR 742nm filter +Barlow.

Cottered, Hertfordshire, England

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There have been few opportunities to observe Mecury recently, but there was a chance this morning: despite the strong winds and rough seeing, the odd good frame arrived occasionally (though not often, the capture file was large @17GB despite the 320x284 ROI). Quite a few features seem to correspond with the simulation.

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Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis, 2021 Apr 06 - 19:32 UTC

Pretty darn good Simon considering the jetstream was right over the UK at the time.

See you made an early start so must have been 18deg high or so at the time.



Simon Kidd
Simon Kidd, 2021 Apr 06 - 20:12 UTC

Thanks Martin, yes, I've always had better luck with conditions morning/evening rather than the middle of the day, despite lower elevation. Morning is best at the moment for me because the geometry makes it easier to shade the scope from the sun!

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