Observation by Martina McGovern: NGC 660 – a Polar ring galaxy

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Martina McGovern


Martina McGovern


2021 Sep 03 - 23:00


2021 Nov 18 - 23:11



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Field centre

RA: 01h43m
Dec: +13°38'
Position angle: +22°28'

Field size

0°29' × 0°19'

  • Celestron Edge HD 8” on HEQ5 PRO, ZWO ASI294MC Pro, ASIAir Pro, EAF & 60mm guide scope + ASI120MM mini & Optlong L-Pro Broadband filter. Plus, ZWO ASIAir Pro running the show

20hrs of L-pro data, the Subs were mainly 180secs with a few 300sec ones – Darks, Flats & Dark flats. Camera settings were Gain 225, cooled to T -15C. Guided image.


Near Cambridge city UK, Bortle approx 4

Target name

NGC 660 – a Polar ring galaxy


NGC 660 – a Polar ring galaxy

About this image

NGC 660 in the constellation of Pisces is an unusual galaxy – a Polar ring galaxy, in which an outer ring of gas and stars rotates over the poles of the galaxy. It is believed to have been formed by two galaxies colliding together a billion or so years ago or from the capture of material from a passing galaxy. At approx. 44 million light years away it is the largest most distant galaxy I have tried to image and my most challenging project so far, requiring over 20 hours of data over 6 nights on my 8" SCT, from my garden.

The weather in the UK has meant it has taken around 2 months to capture all the photons :)

I am really happy that many smaller galaxies can be seen in the image i.e. PGC1432913, PGC1433323 & PGC1433543, a group to the bottom left of the image – they are believed to be approx 400M Light years from us.

It blows my mind as to how far away they are from us but also knowing that there are millions if not billions more galaxies much much further away….. Wish I had a bigger telescope :)

20hrs of data imaged over 6 nights, 3rd Sept through to 1st Nov 2021.

Processing; Deep sky stacker, Pixinsight with final tweaks in Photoshop, Lightroom + Topaz DeNoise AI.

Clear skies all.


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Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis, 2021 Nov 19 - 13:27 UTC

Superb, Martina. Has the feel of the Hubble Deep Field about it!


Alan Thomas
Alan Thomas, 2021 Nov 19 - 16:34 UTC

Great work. Well worth the effort to produce this excellent image of such an unusual, and remote, object. :)


Martina McGovern
Martina McGovern, 2021 Nov 20 - 16:46 UTC

Thanks Martin and Alan, I really appreciate your comments.

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