Observation by Peter Tickner: Venus dark side 9th February

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Peter Tickner


Peter Tickner


2022 Feb 09 - 07:00


2022 Feb 10 - 01:02



  • ZWO ASI174MM
  • 1000 nm long pass and 935/170 nm Semrock filters stacked
  • 14inch f/10 LX200ACF SCT
  • EQ8 mount

Urban Berkshire

Target name

Venus dark side


Venus dark side 9th February

About this image

This compares my best effort to date on a mission to image the dark side of Venus with one of many excellent images by Anthony Wesley and Phil Miles in Australia this elongation.  I am grateful for Anthony and Phil's permission to use their image.


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Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis, 2022 Feb 10 - 14:18 UTC

Good work Peter. I think Anthony and Phil's camera was IMX547 chipped with 2.74um pixels and yours IMX174 with 5.86um pixels so a good match in imaging scale to scope size, given f-ratios were 4.5 to 10. To satisfy Nyquist you'd need an f-ratio of 3x to 5x pixel size in microns but that's for optical wavelengths. Guess at 1000nm that moves to about 1.8x-3x so at the bottom end of the range.


Ron Palgrave
Ron Palgrave, 2022 Feb 11 - 22:17 UTC

Peter, what time were your observations made? I am interested in the relative altitudes of Sun and Venus.

Peter Tickner
Peter Tickner, 2022 Feb 12 - 00:44 UTC

Hello Ron the images were all captured between 06:39 and 07:15 when Venus cleared a neighbour’s tree at around 11 degrees up and the Sun was below the horizon still.



Ron Palgrave
Ron Palgrave, 2022 Feb 12 - 23:03 UTC

Great result then. I was expecting to have to capture on multiple days and to derotate. Its encouraging that you captured in one go. Like you I have un-co-operative trees to guillotine my sessions.

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