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Philip Denyer

When I was 8 years old my father bought me a small refractor. Even though it had it`s limitations, it was enough to spark a life long passion, and my quest to explore the universe had begun.  I have mostly been a visual observer , however having exhausted much of what was possible to view from my light polluted London suburb I began to think about what direction to take to keep me motivated. It was then I began to take an interest in transient events, namely lunar and  asteroidal occultations. The thrill of hunting down the shadow of an asteroid and then being able to submit useful data is what I mainly strive for.  I have also begun to monitor double star lunar occultations. I use my Celestron C9.25 from an observatory plus I have a 10" dob which I take to the dark skies of Suffolk in the spring and autumn to continue my enjoyment of deep sky visual observing. 

2017 Aug 29

20:17 UTC

Conditions were very good for the partial eclipse from my holiday location. A good view was obtained from a farm gate overlooking the fields which sloped down to the west.

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