Listed here are websites referenced elsewhere on this site plus some others which may be of interest. Mostly the links will take you to the site’s homepage but other pages on those sites specifically related to the subject of asteroids are included.

Organisations for amateur and professional astronomers 

British Astronomical Association : UK-wide, mainly amateur astronomers with emphasis on astronomical observation
        – Asteroid and Remote Planets Section : BAA observing section founded in 1984

The Astronomer Magazine

The Planetary Society

Royal Astronomical Society

International Astronomical Union

Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand

Italian organisation of minor planet observers
        – Follow-up Astrometric Program

Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO)
        – Minor Planets Section
        – Minor Planet Bulletin

Minor Planet Mailing List (Yahoo group) 

The Astronomical League
         – Asteroid Club
        – Asteroid Club Observing Guide

Space Agencies
European Space Agency (ESA)

Japanese Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science (JAXA)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
        – Report to Congress. NEO Survey and Deflection – Analysis of alternatives
        – Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
        – Near Earth Object Program
        – Asteroid Watch

       Asteroid Radar Research

       Solar System Dynamics

            – What’s Observable

            – Horizons (web interface)

       Planetary Data Systems
            – Small Bodies Node

       NASA Science

       Astrophysics Data System

       Lunar and Planetary Science


Sky And Telescope

Astronomy Now

Distant EKOs: The Kuiper Belt Electronic Newsletter




Solex / ExOrb

Occult Watcher

John Saxton
         – Lymm Photometry Software


Astrometrica : Popular and powerful plate solution software by Herbert Raab for Astrometry and Photometry

Remote Administrator (Radmin)

Comet/Asteroid Orbit Determination and Ephemeris Software (CODES)

Willman Bell
       – Astronomical Image Processing (AIP4WIN)
       – Megastar

Guide : Bill Gray’s Project Pluto





About Time

Net Time

The Horology Source


       Minor Planet Observer

       Omega lab – Advanced Telescope Control


      Computer Aided Astrometry

      Astro Tips





      CNS Systems

          Tac32 Software


Starlight Xpress


Galleon Systems

Oregon Scientific

National Physical Laboratory

       Time and Frequency (The MSF Signal)



Meinberg (time keeping devices)

Search Programs and Observatories

Camarillo Observatory


Pan-STARRS (Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System)

Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Crni Vrh Observatory

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)
       Near Earth Objects


Catalina Sky Survey

Klet Observatory

Teide Observatory

Roque de los Muchachos Observatory

Lowell Observatory

        Research Programs

              Asteroid Services

                   Hierarchical Observation Protocol (HOP)

                   Critical List of Asteroids

       Lowell Observatory Near Earth Object Search (LONEOS)


Siding Spring Survey

Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR)

JPL Near Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT)

United Sates Naval Observatory (USNO)

       Astrometry Department

Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)

        Digitised Sky Survey (DSS)

UAO – DLR Asteroid Survey (UDAS)

Sunflower Observatory

Desert Moon Observatory

Bagnall Beach Observatory

Goodricke-Pigott Observatory

Shed of Science

Observatorio Nazaret

Bellatrix Astronomical Observatory

Arecibo Observatory

       Planetary Radar at Arecibo Observatory

A comparative study of  current and planned NEO surveys

Japanese Spaceguard Centre

       Bisei Spaceguard Centre

       Kamisaibara Spaceguard Centre


Asteroids in general

Minor Planet Center (MPC)
       Mirror site
       NEO Confirmation Page
       MPC NEA Planning Aid
       Minor Planet and Comet Ephemeris Service
       On-line Minor Planet Electronic Circulars
       MPC Guide to Minor Body Astrometry
       Astrometry ‘how-to’
       MPC Submission Information

Asteroids Dynamics (AstDys)

Project Pluto

       Minor Planet Groups

Asteroid and Comet Groups

Description of the System of Asteroids

Asteroid masses

Asteroid/Comet Connection

Updated Ephemerides of Minor Planets


The Space Frontier Foundation

       The Watch

Binary Asteroids

Asteroids with satellites

List of asteroid moons

Minor planet satellite database

Liste des asteroids binaires

Orbits of binary asteroids with adaptive optics

Urey Prize Lecture: Binary Minor Planets


ESO Archives and Catalogues


Carlsberg Meridian Catalogue 14


PanSTARRS 1 Archives
       – Images (cutouts)

Geneva Observatory – Asteroid and Comet rotation curves

Collaborative Asteroid Lightcurve Link (CALL)

Ondrejov Asteroid Photometry Project

The Astronomical Society of Las Cruces
        – Minor Planet Lightcurve Data collected by Frederick Pilcher

Standard Asteroid Photometric Catalogue

Koronis Family Asteroids Rotation Lightcurve Observing Program

Photometry of Asteroids at The Belgrade Astronomical Observatory

Phase curves and absolute magnitude

Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO)
       – Minor Planets Section

AUDE (Electronic Detectors Users Association)
       – Magnitude Alert Project

Near Earth Asteroids/Objects

Near Earth Objects Dynamic Site (NeoDys) – Italy

Near Earth Objects Dynamic Site (NeoDys) – Spain

European Asteroid Research Node

Spaceguard Foundation
       – Spaceguard Central Node
       – Spaceguard system

                 NEO Coord System

                       Priority List

Spaceguard UK

The Planetary Society Near Earth Objects Page


European Asteroid Occultation Network (EAON)

Steve Preston’s Occultation Updates

Euraster – European Asteroidal Occultations

Asteroidal Occultation Reports Database

International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA)

RASNZ Occultation Section

Breit Ideas Observatory

Drift-scan timing of asteroid occultations – John Broughton

French Astronomical Society – Occultations, Eclipses and Transits


Earth Impact Database

Lunar and Planetary Institute
        – Terrestrial Impact Craters, Second Edition

Holocene Impact Working Group

Impact calculator

Impact Field Studies Group

University of Arizona
       – Department of Planetary Sciences, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
       – Earth Impact Effects Program

NASA Ames Research Center, Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards

Torino Impact Scale

Armagh Observatory

Near Earth Object Impact Hazard

NASA JPL Near Earth Object Program

Current Impact Risks

Professional and Amateur astronomers

Alan Cahill
John Sussenbach
Martin Mobberley
Andrew Lowe
Mike Kretlow
Mark Kidger
John Saxton
Robert Koff
David Higgins
John Fletcher
Professor Alan Fitzimmons
Professor David C. Jewitt
Mikko Kaasalainen
Bill Yeung
Peter Birtwhistle
Dr Phil Bland
Jim Scotti
Tim Hunter = This should be under Observatories
James McGaha
Duncan Miller
William Bottke
Alain Maury
        – NEO discovery statistics 2002
        – NEO discovery statistics 2003
        – NEO discovery statistics 2004
        – NEO discovery statistics 2005
        – NEO discovery statistics 2006
        – NEO discovery statistics 2007

Academic Institutions

Stephen F. Austin State University

      – Dept of Physics and Astronomy

           Dan’s Home Page

                 Minor Planet Research

University of Ljubljana Astronomical Observatory
      – Calculation of residuals of asteroid positions

Institute of Physics, Montevideo, Uruguay

Atlas of Mean Motion Resonances

California Institute of Technology
       – Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences
       – Michael E Brown

University of Pisa, Celestial Mechanics Group

Uppsala Astronomical Observatory

       – Planetary System Group
             – Asteroids

Robotic Telescopes

iTelescope Astro Imaging


Faulkes Telescope Project


Bradford Robotic Telescope

Sierra Stars Observatory Network

San Pedro de Atacama Celestial Explorations

        – Telescope Time Rental


Other sites of interest

B612 Foundation


Realtime world calendar

NASA/JPL Space Calendar

Small Body Distance Triangulation Calculator

Portal to the Universe

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