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Asteroids & Remote Planets Section

As one of the BAA's observing sections, we aim to cover all aspects of those smaller Solar System objects termed asteroids, minor planets, dwarf planets, Centaurs, trans-Neptunian objects, Plutinos, near-Earth objects, plus more recently Exoplanets. Much of the Section's activities will be observation based, so this includes CCD/webcam imaging, astrometry, photometry, occultation monitoring and visual telescopic observation. However there are lots of other areas where you can participate as a Section Member such as those relating to the impact hazard, orbital motion, history of discovery and observation, evolution of the Solar System and spacecraft missions to such bodies to name a few.


The 2019 meeting of the Section was held at Clanfield Memorial Hall, Clanfield, Hampshire on Sunday, 2019 September 29. Roughly 50% of the meeting was devoted to the subject of minor planets in our own Solar System whilst the remaining half involved exoplanets and in particular the activities of the recently formed Exoplanets Division of ARPS headed up by Roger Dymock. A dedicated webpage was established giving some details of this meeting. 

Richard Miles

N.B. The Asteroids and Remote Planets external website, is currently in the process of being transferred to this site.


Section Officers

Dr Richard Miles

Assistant Director (Astrometry)
Peter BirtwhistleAssistant Director (Exoplanets Division)Roger Dymock Assistant Director (Occultations)
Tim Haymes