The aim of the Section is to offer something of interest to active, virtual and armchair observers, e.g.; visual telescopic observing, imaging using your own equipment (photographic, CCD, webcam), remote observing, working with on-line resources, orbital studies, the impact hazard, the history of discovery and observation, as well as keeping up-to-date on the findings of the latest space missions to these minor bodies. Please report your observations of asteroids to the undersigned. Thank you.

I would be pleased to advise anyone looking to start observing asteroids. The two main areas which observers can contribute comprise photometry and astrometry. I often help people get up to speed in both these disciplines and it is encouraging to see them go on to make regular observations including reporting their results to the Minor Planet Center: the official repository for accurate astrometry of minor planets. It is heartening to see that each year several amateurs based in the UK obtain a unique IAU Observatory Code for their back-garden site or otherwise.

On 2018 Sep 5, BAA Council sanctioned the creation of an Exoplanets Division within the umbrella of the Section. It is headed by Roger Dymock.

Richard Miles

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