Section Objectives

To foster an interest in all aspects of the study of asteroids (or minor planets), dwarf planets and exoplanets. These include where relevant; visual telescopic observations, imaging (photographic, CCD, webcam), virtual observing using on-line resources, orbital motion, the impact hazard, history of  discovery and observation, general understanding of the minor planets and space missions to those bodies, as well as the fast-developing new field of exoplanet studies.

To encourage and assist amateur astronomers in the understanding and observation of these bodies.

To advise as to what can be observed or imaged with the naked eye and the various combinations of instruments and accessories.

To ensure that UK amateur astronomers have the necessary skills to participate in scientifically useful projects.

To encourage experienced members to share their skills with newcomers.

To encourage members to document there work and submit their observations to the relevant international organisations as well as the BAA

To ensure observations submitted are freely available to all members along with any analysis of same.

To encourage members to contribute to the running of the Section.

To propose members for BAA awards where appropriate.

To be aware of and encourage members to apply for related grants.

To be aware of new developments and advise members accordingly.

To encourage members to participate in projects initiated by the Section or other related organisations.

To build relationships with professional astronomers who are; active in this field, might contribute to and advise on the work of the section.

To work with relevant international professional and amateur organisations to further our knowledge of asteroids and exoplanets.

To co-ordinate activities with other relevant UK organisations to minimise duplication of effort.

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