The Historical Section’s Publications

The Historical Section has a biannual newsletter, which is published in the Spring and Autumn. The purpose of the newsletter is to keep members up to date with Section news, letting members know about other meetings, events and resources that are likely to be of interest to astronomical historians.

The newsletter is also intended to act as a forum in which members can present their own research, either complete or work in progress, without the formality involved in publishing a paper in the  BAA  Journal. Indeed, an article in the newsletter could act as a ‘dry run’, before you write up a full paper for the Journal.

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Our current historical section newsletter is not the first to be produced by the section. A predecessor was “Urania and Clio” which was produced in 1996 by the previous director of the section, Anthony Kinder. We have scanned in the three editions of Urania and Clio. They are well worth a read – lots of useful tips on how to do historical research.


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