Jupiter in 2022-23: Report no.3

Jupiter in 2022/23: Report no.3

(2022 Oct.31)

by John Rogers (BAA) & Shinji Mizumoto (ALPO-Japan), with results from the JUPOS team


Here we catch up on recent jovian developments, including around opposition on Sep.26. We present observers’ hi-res images, maps, and charts covering the major domains, to track the major features.  The only major changes since July are the fading of the EZ colour, and the appearance of a new S. Tropical Band from a Hook around the GRS.  The GRS is now smaller than ever before.  The slow, partial revival of the NEB has proceeded, as disturbance and darkening is still gradually spreading northwards from the frequent small outbreaks in the NEB(S).  The speed of the SEBn jet is unusually slow and a weak S. Equatorial Disturbance may be developing on it.  The STB has also revived around most of the planet with a diverse and dynamic collection of dark segments and white ovals.

The text is here (PDF):  Report-2022-no-3

Miniature figures are here (PDF):   Report-2022-no-3_Figures

The full-size figures are here (ZIP):   Report-no-3_Figures

Below are small copies of Figure 2 (a recent map) and Figure 4 (images of satellites and their shadows in transit around the date of opposition)


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