Jupiter’s North Equatorial Belt and Jet (3 papers for JBAA)

This trilogy of papers describes (I) our present understanding of the NEB, the NEBs jet, the NEBs dark formations, the activity within the belt, and its cyclic expansion events; (II) the fading of the NEB and acceleration of the NEBs jet in 2011-12, unprecedented within living memory; and (III) the NEB Revival in 2012 that terminated this condition,  accompanied by a NTBs jet outbreak in a ”great northern upheaval” which we compare with global upheavals of the past. 

The links on this page lead to the abstracts and preprints of the 3 papers.

They have now been published in the Journal of the BAA; the full references and PDF copies are posted on our ‘Long-term Reports & Publications’ page.  Direct link:  https://britastro.org/node/11059

  • Jupiter’s North Equatorial Belt and Jet: III. The ‘great northern upheaval’ in 2012
  • Jupiter’s North Equatorial Belt and Jet: II. Acceleration of the jet and the NEB Fade in 2011-12
  • Jupiter’s North Equatorial Belt and Jet: I. Cyclic expansions and planetary waves (Paper for JBAA)
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