JunoCam at PJ39

This is our report on the JunoCam images at Perijove-39 on 2022 Jan.12. Specific highlights include closeups of:

–An anticyclonic white oval apparently moving across a prograde jet, from the N4 to the N3 domain! (Appendix A shows how this rare event has come about, from amateur as well as JunoCam tracking.)

–The remarkable outbreaks in the NEB(S), with evidence for multiple layers, where slow-moving convective outbreaks coexist with super-fast-moving features of the quiescent jet. (Appendix B, from our recent ground-based report, identifies the features seen.)

–STB spot 8, which has unexpectedly transformed from a turbulent region to a dark brown cyclonic oval.

General highlights include:

–This is the fourth consecutive perijove covering much the same longitude range, allowing us to follow patterns of disturbance in the high latitudes including the poles.

–The orbital evolution gives us ever higher resolution in the north, now revealing tiny details such as popup clouds in the spectacular northern stormy regions.

The report is uploaded here in the form of five separate ‘Documents’:

(1) PDF of the main text:  Report-on-PJ39_text-to-post

(2) PDF of the figures (small copies):  Report-on-PJ39_Figures 

(3) Appendices A & B (text & small copies of the figures): Report-on-PJ39_Appendices

(4) A ZIP file of full-size figures for the main report:  PJ39-Report_Figures

(5) A ZIP file of full-size figures for the Appendices:  PJ39-Appendices_Figures

Here is part of one of the figures showing circulations in the N4 domain: 


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