BAA RA 21 Day Conference – Saturday, 2021, October 16 – 10:00 to 17:00

BAA RAG21 day conference was held – Saturday, 2021, October 16 – 10:00 to 17:00

The event was recorded and its now available on the BAA YouTube channel here

Timings below show where on the recording the various presentations start


00:00 Announcements Paul Hyde
02:29 Welcome Alan Lorrain (BAA President)
06:21 The Black Hole and Star Formation History of the Universe – with a radio flavour Prof Ian McHardy (Southampton)
01:14:57 Introduction to a new Radio Meteor Detecting Software and its application in the Study of Head Echoes Dr Wolfgang Kaufmann
Morning Poster Sessions
02:05:17 Observing the First Stars with Radio Arrays Dr Emma Chapman   (Imperial, London)
02:29:06 A Magnetic Field Sensor in my All Sky Camera Tony Abbey
02:42:28 Using the Raspberry Pi for meteor observing Phil Rourke
03:02:21 Schumann Resonance Sensor – our journey to first light

Associated PowerPoint Presentation

Norman Pomfret
03:40:57 The counting of muons Dr Spencer Axani (MIT CosmicWatch)
Afternoon Poster Sessions
04:44:36 Radio observation of super nova SN2017EAW Diane Swan
04:57:13 A First Hydrogen Line Radio Telescope Peter East
05:11:18 Endeavours with muon counting Paul Hearn
05:27:52 A UK meteor beacon at 50 MHz Brian Coleman
05:38:52 VLF and magnetometry observations in lockdown John Cook
05:48:23 Simple Magnetometer – Update and recent results Callum Potter
06:02:37 Q&A for Poster Sessions
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