Deep Sky Update – September 2020

We have had a few good nights in my neck of the woods, and it seems members have been having clear skies too, so good to get many observations flowing in.

I had a long weekend of work at new Moon and managed three nights at the telescope out of four, which was very gratifying.

Coming up in the October Journal will be an article from me on objects in Pegasus – I hope you might be able to try and observe a few of these.

Also in October I am pleased that one of the USA’s premier astro-photographers Adam Block will be presenting on “The interpretation of astronomical images” at the BAA webinar on October 14th.

At the time of writing I understand that the Equinox Sky Camp at Kelling Heath will take place from October 12 to 19 – I hope that there will be good observing weather for those attending, and look forward to reports on how it went.

And a date for your future diary – as it seems unlikely we will be able to properly meet in person until later into 2021, I have pencilled in a Deep Sky Section meeting webinar for the afternoon of 6th of March 2021. Format is yet to be defined but I am thinking it will be mostly short presentations. If you would like to give a short ‘lightning’ talk at this meeting (15-20 mins) let me know. Hopefully I will be able to find a professional speaker for the meeting too.

Finally, just a few picks from recent Members Pages postings.

John Hughes: IC 1396

Nik Szymanek: M42 The Orion Nebula

Philip Terry: M27 on a smartphone

Grant Privett: LDN981 + V1331 Cyg

Neil Webster: NGC 6888 Crescent Nebula

David Strange: Barnard 142 & 143

Peter Goodhew: NGC 7008

Brad Thomas: M97 Owl Nebula

Clear, dark skies


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