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Peter Tickner

I am struggling to log in – every time I try to log in it rejects my user name and password and insists I enter my email address instead. It then doesn’t recognise the password until I enter it a second time – it then locks me into the membership page and every time I click on ‘home’ it takes me back to membership account details and won’t let me escape to the BAA home screen.

I only manged to get onto the forum to leave a message by ignoring the tabs and repeatedly clicking on the bookmark on my browser (Firefox) until it let me in to a screen that has a forum post by Nick James. I could then use the button above to get to this forum. Unless I look as an outsider not logged in I can’t see the BAA home page at all. The moment I try to log in as a member I end up either trapped on the membership details page or sent to the same page with the forum post on another topic by Nick James.