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Mark Fairfax

You can request the FITS data from Unistellar support and with Apple iOS devices the file is saved as PNG and not JPG. Unistellar have always seemed rather ‘guarded’ around the data and have said it will be available at some point but have said this for some time now, (there was talk of accessing via a Cloud shared area). This is a shame as their main competitor Vaonis Stellina allow easy access to the data in FITS & TIFF formats.

I can confirm exposure times are between 1ms & 4secs – I’m unsure if this is a limitation of hardware/software or if it is intentional.

The Citizen Science is definitely not dull – very informative & engaging with a great deal of communication & collaboration worldwide via Slack app groups. Just check out the Unistellar Citizen Science sections on their website
Unistellar collaborate with SETI and recently NASA-funded Unistellar exoplanet program UNITE.

I absolutely love my Unistellar eVscope and wouldn’t hesitate to get the next version down the line, (with a bit of saving up mind you).

Mark Fairfax