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Grant Privett

Oh, I think I missed something there….

You have to ask them to give you a copy of your data as FITS? Theres no SD card or something where all your session data is saved that is accessible to you? Does this mean you don’t have anything else other than a jpg/png they serve up to you live? I’m surprised at what you said but, clearly, they have found a market.

Just to be clear, as I have never used one, what is the bit depth on the png provided? I think that both 8 and 16 bit are legal png formats, though some software doesn’t like 16 bit pngs or TIFFs.

If the png is 8 bit (or even 3x 8bit) then they have rather constrained you to the Citizen Science route, as that makes it harder to do any on your own. But, I don’t know the png file format well enough to judge if its metadata content could be used to populate a FITS header.