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Denis Buczynski

Hello all,
My observing stats for 2022 were that I was able to observe and submit comet astrometry to MPC and the BAA Comet Section on 90 nights(I don’t count the number of comets observed but some nights up to twenty individual comets are recorded). This does not include the months of May, June and July when all sky twilight does not permit observing at this (58dN) latitude.The Summer months here were cool and cloudy and the Summer heat wave that was experienced in more southerly latitudes did not extend into the Highlands of Scotland. Whilst the high pressure dominated the south there was a ribbon of cloud diverted around the high that persisted over Highland Scotland.I have yet to look at my automatic metoer camera output to get the number of detected meteors. An automatic Aurora/NLC video camera was installed here in September by Nick James, this gave excellent detection of aurora alerting me to obtain more detailed aurora images.
Denis Buczynski